Are you searching for a seasoned operations and project management leader?

Wing Commander Somanathan is your go-to expert with significant corporate and military experience.

Key Corporate Highlights:

- Former Senior Operations Manager at Amazon.

- Led projects to enhance customer experience.

- Improved data quality for better machine learning.

- Managed global teams and boosted productivity.

- Ensured data security and efficiency through automation.

Impressive Project Management Skills:

- Achieved exceptional annotation quality.

- Reduced disputes among team members.

- Led and inspired large teams to succeed.

Operational Excellence:

- Quality assurance, end-to-end delivery.

- Valuable contributions in helicopter manufacturing and testing.

- Recognized for Tsunami relief operations.

- Enhanced efficiency by 10%.

- Managed large international events.

- Holds multiple certifications, including PMP.

Somanathan is seeking senior-level positions in Operations and Project Management in Bangalore.

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