How Capt. Sanjay spearheaded HR integration and innovation at Apollomedics Lucknow

Capt. Sanjay Mukerjee is a seasoned HR professional with a remarkable career trajectory in the healthcare industry. He has been a key player in the human resources function of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd., Asia’s foremost integrated healthcare services provider. In Sep 2019, he joined U.P.’s capitol city Lucknow’s 1st corporate tertiary care healthcare entity, Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, a joint venture unit of Apollo Hospitals and Medics International Lifesciences Ltd.

As General Manager & Head of Department – Human Resources, Capt. Sanjay was responsible for leading the Human Capital function, including Learning & Development and Organizational Cultural aspects, in a challenging and dynamic regional demographics. In this role, he strategically steered the HR function, ensuring that it aligned with the overall goals of the organization.

Capt Sanjay’s expertise and leadership skills

Capt Sanjay’s expertise and leadership skills were put to the test when he was tasked with integrating and aligning the unit’s existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with Apollo’s Corporate ones. He successfully accomplished this daunting task, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex challenges and lead & guide teams effectively.

In addition to this, Capt. Sanjay’s forward-thinking approach and expertise in HR tech enabled him to implement KRONOS and Excelity software for Attendance & Leave and Payroll Management. He also oversaw the transition of the Performance Management System (PMS) from a manual system to a corporate-governed, online module.

Furthermore, Capt. Sanjay demonstrated his cost management & optimisation skills by maintaining a favorable HR cost percentage ratio (Salary, Wages & Benefits / Top Line Revenue) for the unit. In FY 2021_22, unit’s 3rd fiscal year, the ratio stood at 15%, which was a considerable improvement from the previous fiscal years.

Capt. Sanjay’s contributions to his organization is not only notable but also commendable. He is a prime example of how subject matter expertise, leadership and innovation can drive change and improve the efficiency of an organization.

Capt. Sanjay Mukerjee worked with Apollomedics from Sep 2019 – Jun 2022.