The Inspiring Story of Manish Soni Serving His Country

Manish Soni is a 2nd generation Army Officer. He joined the prestigious Officers Training Academy, Chennai after his graduation. Post completion of basic military training, he was commissioned as a Short Service officer in the Artillery, where he served for 10 years.

During his Army tenure, he gained valuable experience in military operations, HR & personnel management, general administration and security. His Army service taught him the importance of strategic planning, team building and leadership skills that would serve him well in his civilian career.

Transitioning to Civilian Life

Post completion of his mandatory Army service, Manish did an Executive Management Program in Business Management from IIM Bangalore and is working in the corporate sector since then.

Manish faced an uphill task of transitioning to the civilian life and quickly realized that the skills he learned in the Army would be valuable in the corporate world. However, he also understood that he needed to learn and develop new skills & knowledge to succeed in his corporate career.

Building a Career in Business Development

Manish’s first job after leaving the Army was as a manager in private banking operations of HDFC Bank Ltd where he quickly moved up the ranks.

After that he has worked at Rolta Defence, Punj Lloyd Defence and Adani Defence in sales and business development role. His uninterrupted commitment and success in business development profile led to landing him at his current role as an AGM of business development and marketing in L&T Defence Ltd where he’s responsible for driving entire end-to-end business development process for the Defence & Home ministry vertical.

Giving Back to His Community

Despite his busy schedule, Manish still finds time to give back to his community. He’s additionally serving as a volunteer officer (reservist) in the Territorial Army, a role that allows him to continue serving his country in the uniform and giving back to his community.

Overcoming Obstacles

Manish’s transition to civilian life was not without its challenges. He initially faced rejection and dissatisfaction along the way. However, he remained resilient and determined, knowing that he had the skills and experience to succeed.

A New Chapter

Despite facing numerous challenges in his transition to civilian life, Manish never gave up. He continued to use his military training to overcome obstacles and achieve his goals. Today, he is considered a successful business development professional with around 15 years of experience in the field.

Manish has helped numerous companies in the defense sector to grow their business and increase their revenues. He has won several awards for his exceptional contribution to the industry. His determination, resilience and leadership skills have been the key to his success.

Manish’s journey is a testament to the fact that veterans have a lot to offer in the corporate world. With their skills, training, and experience, they can make a significant contribution to any organization. It is up to the companies to recognize their potential and provide them with the right opportunities.